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Postnatal / Postpartum Massage


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Postpartum / Postnatal Massage helps:

  • improve breastfeeding

  • relieve neck and back strain caused by holding your baby and nursing for many hours of your day (and night!)

  • reduce musculoskeletal pain

  • increase time spent with baby

  • decrease postnatal depression

  • contribute to recovery from cesarean birth, including healing of the scar

  • promote rehabilitation of abdominal skin, muscles and organs

  • help postpartum emotional, physiological, and family adjustments

  • promote structural realignment of the spine and pelvis, and reorganization of movement




Q: How soon after delivery can I receive a massage?

A: In most cases, as soon as you like. Massage soon after delivery can aid recovery by increasing your circulation and cleansing toxins like lactic acid from your muscles (after all, you've just run the marathon of all marathons!) For women with specific concerns or C-section recoveries we recommend your doctor's approval before massage.

Q: I've heard massage can release toxins.  Should I be massaged while breastfeeding?

A: Yes, you are correct that massage can release toxins built up in the body (it's actually more that massage can relax tense areas and then oxygen and nutrients can then get to the area more easily, and THAT cleans out the toxins, not the actual massage).  Toxins released as a result of massage is not a concern for post-natal massage.  Your blood supply increased so much during pregnancy, it has already moved toxins of concern that were there to moved before you had the baby. Toxins,  such as lactic acid from muscle use. are not a concern for breast feeding as they are natural by products of the body.

If you have a question about postpartum massage not answered here, please contact us and we will do out best to answer your question.

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